GCSS Instructional Expectations for Distance Learning 2020-2021

  • In response to school closures due to COVID-19 in March 2020, the Greene County School System used distance emergency remote teaching, which consisted of both digital learning assignments and printed assignments. Beginning in August 2020, the district will transition from emergency remote teaching to true distance learning. Some of the major differences for this school year are listed below.

    1. Canvas will be the district’s official learning management system (LMS).
    2. The district grading policy will be strictly enforced, and online learners will be accountable for all assigned work.  
    3. All students will be issued a district technology device to complete digital assignments.
    4. Each school will create a master schedule that details the days and times that teachers are delivering instruction.
    5. Teachers and students will begin with grade level standards  (not simply reviewing past learning).
    6. Student attendance will be taken and recorded daily.
    7. Improved two-way communication between parents and school officials (teachers & leaders).
      1. Teachers, administrators, and support staff will use district-approved communication tools for communicating with parents.
        • Available tools are Class Dojo, School Status, and GCSS e-mail.
        • Both school and district websites and social media platforms will continue to be used.

    Role of the Student

    • Attend and participate in class, and when attendance is not possible, quickly notify the teacher.
      • Log in daily to the Canvas learning management system.
      • Pre-k—3: Under the current Return to School Plan, primary grade students will physically attend class some days and work from home on other days.
    • Ask questions.
    • Complete problems and answer questions provided by the teacher.
    • Collaborate with peers through live class discussions; completing group projects; posing and answering questions via online discussion prompts.
    • Complete assigned work and submit it to the teacher on time.
    • Communicate frequently with the teacher.
      • Let the teacher know when additional help is needed.
      • Inform the teacher of any issues accessing work.    
    • Update student and parent contact information as needed (high school students).

    Role of the Parent/Guardian

    The parent/guardian is critically important to the success of students in any learning situation, and especially in distance learning. The parent/guardian’s overarching roles include monitoring student work to ensure that students are completing assignments; organizing the learning space and setting expectations for the at-home learning environment; and motivating students to do their best.

    • Communicate with teachers and school leaders regarding student needs, problems, etc.
    • Provide time and space for students to complete assignments and participate in distance learning.
    • Check-in with students daily on their progress.
    • Ask children: What are you learning? How are you feeling?
    • Attend (either virtually or in person) all scheduled parent-teacher conferences.
    • Participate in parent learning sessions provided by teachers and instructional coaches.
    • Motivate and encourage children to reach their full potential.
    • Read with young learners/allow the children to read to you.
    • Ensure that all contact information (phone numbers, e-mail addresses, mailing addresses) are current.