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    What is Purposity?  Purposity is on a mission to inspire people to live generously and find purpose. We help do that through our mobile app.

    School systems have children and families in need. They also have people who want to help but don’t know how. We connect the dots through the Purposity app. School systems and nonprofits in local communities let us know needs in their area. We spread the word to individuals near them who are willing to help. Supporters click a link, read a story, and make a difference for someone locally. It may be the family next door who lost their home in a fire or the child down the street you didn’t know needed school supplies. 

    How does Purposity work? Once a week, users receive a notification with a need in their area. It leads them to the story of an individual in need, and they can decide whether or not to help out. The price is clearly displayed, and they simply click “Meet the Need”, enter payment information, and that specific item is shipped to the staff member to protect the identity of your student and their family. 

    What kinds of needs do users receive? Users might get anything from school supplies for a foster child or a pair of shoes for a teen experiencing homelessness, to small furniture items for a family who lost their home in a fire. If it’s on Amazon, under $250, and can be shipped for a reasonable cost to someone who needs it, we can post it. Our model is one-to one user experience, so we shy away from drives. We find your supporters want to feel connected to the experience of helping an individual person and hearing their unique story. 

    What information is shared with Purposity? Very little information is requested from Purposity and no personally identifiable information is ever shared. 

    What does Purposity cost my district? Nothing! Purposity is free to use for your school district. 

    food pantry How does a school system post needs? Staff identified by the school system receive special access to post needs to the Purposity platform. Through a simple form, the staff members identify the need and provide other basic information, none of which has any personally identifying information for the student. A Purposity Community Manager then reviews the need, wordsmiths it for maximum impact, sets up everything on Amazon and approves it to go live to your community. 

    How does it help my district’s staff?  In one word-time. Purposity is giving thousands of hours back to everyone from school social workers to homeless liaisons. By allowing them to quickly and efficiently request items for their students, they can use their time and expertise to address the deeper, more pressing social and emotional needs of your students. It’s transforming the way they can do their work by giving them the time and resources needed to truly assist students and their families. 

    What are some of the other benefits? Besides making room in your staff’s schedule for addressing the deeper needs of your students, Purposity is a fantastic tool for parent and community engagement throughout your district. Some parents love to give if they just know how, while those whose needs are met by Purposity, say they feel truly cared for by their school community.  

    Our sponsorship model and belief. We strongly believe in the power of linking individuals, nonprofits and companies together in the pursuit of raising up local communities, one need at a time. With budgets so tight, we don’t want cost to be a barrier. So, there’s no cost nonprofits to post needs. Sponsorships are how we keep the needs flowing. So, if there are local companies or foundations interested in sponsoring your community’s tool for good, we’d love to chat with them and would appreciate an intro. They’ll be featured prominently on the community’s page, text messages and all communications. 

    Click here to fill out the Needs Request Form.