How parents can be an observer in their student’s Canvas course

  • Student must:

    1. Student click on “Account” in their Canvas dashboard.
    2. Click on “Settings”.
    3. Click “Pair with Observer” button
    4. A six-digit code will appear and that needs to be shared to the parent. (code is Case-sensitive)

    Parent must:

    1. Go to
    2. In the upper right, click “Click Here for an Account”
    3. Enter the following information:
      1. Enter your name in the Your Name field.
      2. Enter your email in the Your Email field.
      3. Enter your password in the Password field.
      4. Re-enter your password in the Re-enter Password field.
      5. Enter a paring code to link your account to your student in the Student Pairing Code field.
      6. Agree to the terms of use by clicking the You agree to the terms of use checkbox.
      7. Click the Start Participating button.