FoodFinder is a mobile and web app created by a graduate of Georgia public schools that allows families to find food distribution sites (including food pantries, drive-through distributions, and school meal providers) based on their location. Please consider sharing this resource with your students and families leading into the holiday break. The app is free, not-for-profit, and available in the following locations:


    A Different Approach to Fighting Hunger

    America spends 100 billion dollars on hunger relief every year, but more than 50 million Americans are food insecure. Our nation has enough food to feed everyone, but it doesn't always reach the families who need it most. These inequities are why FoodFinder is here - to connect the people looking for emergency food to the providers who offer it.


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    FoodFinder is a food pantry locator and 501(c)(3) nonprofit that shows you when and where to get free food assistance in your area. The map on our home page is a map of food pantries and school meal locations - every pin that appears is a food assistance program nearby. Tap on one to see when they give away food!

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