District Use of ESSER/ARP Funds

  • ESSER III Spending





    Contracted Services







    Salaries: high-intensity tutors, intersessions (Fall and Spring Break), summer school, early intervention teachers, early learning specialist, supplemental ESOL teacher, additional special education teachers, transitional teachers, full-time substitute, additional technology personnel, reading and math specialist/coaches, alternative school coordinator, parent engagment specialist, career technical instructor, videography teacher, wrap-around coordinator, additional social worker, part-time school improvement specialist to help bridge the learning loss and deal with social and emotional behaviors that resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Benefits: FICA, health insurance, retirement, dental, life insurance related to salaries paid.

    Contracted Services: school security resources for intersession and summer schools, motivational spreakers for staff and student wellness, cleaning services, professional training for virtual learning.

    Communication: Monthly fees for wireless hotspots for students to have internet services to ensure all students were able to learn from home.

    Equipment: Laptops (teachers), chromebooks (students), ionizations units (remove certain types of allergens from the air) for school buses.

    Note: The total grant funding was $7,115,109. As of October, 20 2022, the school district (including our charter school) has spent $4,129,804.70 of these funds. We have until September 30, 2023 to spend the remaining funds.  

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