• Pathway Overview

    Students in the Automotive Pathway will learn the basic skills needed to gain employment as an entry level automotive technician. Students will be exposed to courses in automotive preventative maintenance, brakes, steering and suspension, electrical systems, engine repair, engine performance, automatic transmission, manual transmission and differential & automotive HVAC. The courses in this pathway are aligned with ASE standards and are a base for the entry-level technician. The Automotive Pathway includes three courses; Basic Maintenance and Light Repair, Maintenance & Light Repair II, and Maintenance & Light Repair III.  After completing the third level course, students will complete the ASE High School Certification Assessment.  Successfully completing the certification test allows individuals additional opportunities for employment in the Automotive field.

    Required Courses

    • 47.53110 Basic Maintence & Light Repair
    • 47.53210 Maintence & Light Repair II
    • 47.53310 Maintence & Light Repair III
  • Instructor

    Hunter Maloy has been the Automotive Instructor at GCHS for three years.  He was a Technician/Shop Owner in Walnut Grove, GA for 25 plus years and is ASE Certified.  Mr. Maloy is passionate about not only teaching students about automotive technology, but also life skills.  He believes that the automotive pathway should not be intended to necessarily make technicians out of the students, but should be used to help students learn the basics of mechanics.  Students will learn tool manipulation, deductive reasoning, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills.  Automotive class can lead to a real interest in the field or at least a basic knowledge of automotive maintenance.