What is a Parent Mentor?

  • A Parent Mentor is a parent with one or more children with special learning and/or physical needs, who is employed part-time by the school system.  By having first-hand experience in raising a child with special needs, a Parent Mentor can use their knowledge and experience to offer support and understanding to families, while seeking the best possible situation for your student. They are available to offer resources, attend parent/teacher meetings, and work to encourage positive communication among the parents and educators in order to promote success for all students.   

    Mission and Vision:

    Parent Mentors work to build effective family, school, and community partnerships that lead to greater achievement for students, especially those with disabilities.  

    What do Parent Mentors do? 

    • Guide families through the special education process;
    • Help families understand their rights and responsibilities;
    • Provide information and resources to families and the child’s schools. This includes education laws and district programs;
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Phone: 706-453-7434


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Jacqueline D. Evans

Parent Mentor
Special Education & Student Support Services
March 2016 - Present