School Social Worker

  • School Social Workers can help students by offering:
    The following information is adapted and reformatted from the School Social Workers Association of Georgia website Brochure for your reference.

    Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Support:  

    • Work with students to improve school attendance
    • Provide individual student and family counseling
    • Provide crisis intervention support
    • Consult with faculty/staff/families regarding behavior/emotional concerns
    • Help schools provide adequate supports for achieving behavioral goals
    • Facilitate social skills training and/or support groups for students

    Community Outreach & Resource Development:

    • Connect families with support groupsProvide parenting workshops
    • Provide advocacy for children and their families
    • Locate mentoring and recreational resources
    • Consult with interagency partners to determine ways to help meet students’ needs
    • Link families with available community resources for:
      • Early education intervention
      • Emergency aid
      • Mental health assistance

    Academic Support:  

    • Enhance communication between home and school
    • Complete assessments to help determine students’ needs for support
    • Support parents/guardians to be partners in their children’s education
    • Attend team meetings to help develop social-emotional goals of Individualized Educational Plans and 504 Plans
    • Provide staff development