Transferring within the District

  • Steps for students transferring within the district to another Greene County schoolParents/Legal Guardians wishing to transfer their child within the district should complete a "Request for Transfer" document at their child's home school or at the Centralized Registration Center.

    Step 1:  
    Parents/Legal Guardian should complete a "Request for Transfer" document.

    Step 2: 
    Parents/Legal Guardians may drop off your completed "Request for Transfer" at the Greene County School's Centralized Registration Center.

    Step 3: 
    The Central Registration Center staff will update your student's information and forward your child's records to the appropriate school.

    Step 4:  
    The Centralized Registration Center staff will notify you of the transfer acceptance as well as the date and time to report to the newly assigned school.

  • Mrs. Lynn Alexander
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