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    Dear Greene County Schools Community Stakeholders,

    TICKET POLICY: Card & Mobile Payment Only! Beginning with the 2021-22 school year, Greene County Athletics implemented a Card & Mobile Payment Only ticketing policy at all athletic events. Fans are now able to purchase tickets online through Greene County’s Go Fan Page or by presenting a debit/credit card (or mobile payment option) at the ticket gate.

    The ticketing policy allows Greene County Athletics to operate a more efficient and professional ticket gate, while creating an enhanced fan experience. Purchasing tickets online, allows fans to easily access and share tickets (email or text) without standing in line.

    A new ticket gate setup will help promote social distancing, while limiting person-to-person contact and the physical exchange of cash.

    Fans are encouraged to purchase their tickets online prior to reaching the facility. For your convenience, signage will be setup at the venue to allow fans to easily navigate an online purchase. Two ticket stations will be setup to support card and mobile payment options at the ticket gates. I look forward to your support this season of all of our athletics programs.

    If you have any questions, please be sure to contact Coach Derrick Williams, Athletic Director, at 706-453-2271.