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4th Grade to be located at GCPS for 2023-2024

Current 3rd graders will stay at their school for another year

February 17, 2023

Greensboro, Ga. – At the January Board of Education meeting, the BOE voted to relocate 4th grade from its current location at Anita White Carson Middle School to Greene County Primary School for the 2023-2024 school year, allowing current 3rd graders to remain at their school for another year. 

This move allows the school to continue the educational momentum they have started with those students and maintain the positive relationships their teachers have built with them. It also eliminates a building transition for these students, who will now not have to move to CMS for just one year for 4th Grade before moving into the new Greene County Elementary School building for 5th grade in Fall 2024.  

Some of the current GCPS 3rd Grade teachers will loop up to continue teaching their students in 4th Grade, and some of the 4th Grade teachers currently at CMS will relocate to GCPS starting this fall. 

“In this way, we will combine the expertise from the 4th grade teachers at CMS with our 3rd Grade team and the relationships that have already been built between our 3rd Graders and their teachers at GCPS, for the best of both worlds,” said Principal Ashlie Miller. “Even though we will have to sacrifice on space, it will be worth it for the reward of the educational outcomes we will see.”

Principal Miller said the whole GCPS team is excited to be able to offer the 3rd Graders this opportunity and continue to see them at GCPS in the fall.